Experienced FOH/MON, Corporate Sound, System Tech


After 8 years of doing live sound and show production, I’ve built a strong skill set as a live music engineer as well as providing AV service to high end corporate clients. Production quality is at the forefront of my services.

-Ryan Olson

■ Corporate AV ■

 Digital (Yamaha, Avid, Presonus, Mackie, Midas)
 Wireless Systems (Telex, RTS, Clear-Com)
 Insured
 Independent Contractor for Corporate meetings, Tradeshow and Conferences
 A1, A2 for GS and Break-outs
 Convention Center, Historical and Art Museum, Hotel, Location Venue
 Lighting and Projection, General AV
 Excellent client/customer service

■ Live Sound ■

 Full service music and performance venue production
 Live Sound and Lighting
 Event Management
 Focused attention to artists needs and high production values
 Live recording/multi-tracking
 Equally and heavily experienced with all types of performance media including Performance Art, Theater, Large Ensembles, Indie Rock, Classical, World Music, Jazz, Hip-Hop, DJ/Electronic, Experimental, Noise, Metal
 Can provide full equipment rental


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